It's been a couple of weeks, but the dust has settled on our debate over Black and White cookies and Halfmoon cookies.

If you remember a few weeks back we discussed Black and White cookies and how some people in New York call them Halfmoon cookies. In my honest opinion, if you live in downstate New York and call them Halfmoons, your NY card should be revoked.

With that being said, I learned in the process that Halfmoon cookies are their own entity. They are completely different than our beloved Black and White cookies. For instance, Halfmoon cookies were founded in Utica, New York and have a chocolate cookie base.

This whole conversation sent me into a rabbit hole of Upstate NY foods that I needed to try.

A friend of mine, who is originally from Utica, heard my cries and put in a request to some other friends in the area to pick me up authentic Utica snacks. This snack pack included the infamous Halfmoon cookies, along with a tailight donut and a spotlight donut.

I saw the light.

The Halfmoon Cookie is more of a cupcake-cookie rather than a real shortbread cookied like the Black and White cookies. The frosting on top of the Halfmoon is much creamier and not hard like the fondant like frosting on Black and Whites.

I will say, out of all of the treats I enjoyed the Tailight Donut the best. I'm not a big fan of donuts to begin with, but the cherry filling plus frosting on the top was a delight for my tastebuds.

I believe the cookies and donuts were from Gingerbread Bake Shop which, according to my sources, is the best place to get your Upstate pastry fix.

Do you have a favorite Upstate New York treat?


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