Ulster County, NY is filled with deep historical roots.

Ulster County Government shared,

"The first European settlers to what is now known as Ulster County were the Dutch."

They explained that Kingston was once known as Wiltwyck. America's oldest arts and crafts colony is located in Woodstock, NY while America's oldest intersection is located in Kingston, NY.

Parts of Ulster County, NY date back to the early 1600's. This historic Hudson Valley serene, beautiful and breathtaking.

An Ulster County, NY town has 12 hamlets. 

What Serene Ulster County, NY Town Has 12 Hamlets?

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Shandaken, NY is a Hudson Valley town that has 12 hamlets, its located in Ulster County, NY.

The Town of Shandaken shared information about the 12 hamlets of this serene Hudson Valley town.

Shandaken, NY's hamlets consist of Mt. Tremper, Mt. Pleasant, Phoenicia, Chichester, Woodland Valley, Allaben, Shandaken, Bushnellsville, Big Indian, Oliveira, Pine Hill, and Highmount.

Additional information about Shandaken, NY's 12 hamlets can be found on the town's website.

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Have You Been To Phoenicia, NY Before?

Phoenicia, NY is one of the most popular hamlets in the Town of Shandaken, NY. In fact, Babe Ruth used to spend his time in the beautiful, Phoenicia, NY area.

I love visiting Phoenicia, NY. During the summer, the trees are filled with lush greens and the fresh air is rejuvenating.

While visiting Shandaken, NY be sure to check out its most popular hamlet, Phoenicia, NY. Personally, I have visited The Phoenicia Diner, explored the Rail Explores Catskills and stopped by the Empire State Museum and enjoyed my time.

The Empire State Railway Museum is a museum that has the railroad history of the Ulster County, NY area. Rail Explorers Catskills is an attraction that allows guests to use their vehicles that are powered by pedaling on railroad tracks to see beautiful Ulster County, NY scenery.

The Phoenicia Diner is one of the most visited spots within this hamlet and a staple in the community.

What Are These New Poles In This Ulster County, NY Town?

Have you seen these poles before? Phoenicia’s Facebook account shared information about the Phoenicia Peace Pole Project.

Information shared from Robin Kirk explained that residents signed up to decorate these poles which would then be placed throughout the area and in town. These poles will then be auctioned off for charity during the Art Festival in August 2024.

Kirk continued to share on social media that there were around 20 people who signed up to help decorate these poles.

What Are Peace Pole Projects?

According to Peace Pole Project, they explained that peace poles are a symbol of

"May Peace Prevail On Earth International, founded in Japan over fifty years ago."

They explained that these Peace Poles hold the message of May Peace Prevail On Earth which have been planted by all over the world.

The Peace Pole Project shared that they are,

"spreading the universal message of peace, May Peace Prevail On Earth, throughout the world."

According to Peace Pole Project, they estimated over 200,000 Peace Poles throughout the world over decades.

Additional information about Phoenicia's Peace Pole Project can be found on their social media platforms.

Have you ever spotted these poles before? Share your story below.

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