Have you ever had to share space with a goose? Or geese? They are not exactly quick to join you in a snuggle fest, plus they can be very territorial pooping machines. Not the way that you would have described it? I can understand that.

If you are trying to get the geese to move on, so to speak, to have them relocated to another property, they will give you some issues, they like to be where they want to be. So what happens when you can't take the geese and it seems that they have more rights to be in your area than you do? Here's what New York State has to say about it.

Who has more rights, you or the geese in New York State?

Photo by Mario015 Medeiros on Unsplash
Photo by Mario015 Medeiros on Unsplash

As I read the information that is listed with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), I started to think that the geese have more rights. From their website, it is illegal to hunt, kill, sell, purchase, or possess migratory birds or their parts (feathers, nests, eggs, etc.) except as permitted by regulations adopted by USFWS (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) and DEC. 

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What happens when you can't get the geese to leave your yard or property?

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash
Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

If you want to get the birds to leave, as long as you don't touch them, or physically harm them, you can legally attempt to herd them, scare them and chase them away, all without having to get a permit.

If you need to take more invasive measures then you will need to reach out to the US Fish and Wildlife or the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Nuisance Division. Have you had to deal with asking geese to leave? What worked for you?

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