New Yorkers could face steep fines if you're caught doing this in another state.

The state of Connecticut recently doubled the amount of money you get for returning a bottle.

Bottle Deposit Doubles In Connecticut

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As of Jan. 1, 2024, a the bottle deposit amount in Connecticut increased from 5 cents to 10 cents.

If hearing this news, makes you think of a Seinfeld scheme, you're not alone. In the episode, Kramer and Newman packed up a mail truck with bottles and drove to Michigan where you received 10 cents per bottle return.

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Rep. Patrick Callahan, R-New Fairfield, ranking member on the Environment Committee mentioned Seinfeld after the Connecticut House passed a new bill.

Fines For Traveling From New York State To Connecticut To Recycle Bottles

Connecticut lawmakers passed a bill on Monday that would prohibit out-of-state recyclers from crossing the border to cash in on the 10 cent bottle deposit.

"I bring Seinfeld into the equation. Where Kramer and Newman took paid five cents deposit, and then drove to Michigan," he said, according to WCBS 880. "So if a postal truck without a state plates rolls up with a load of bottles, that person could be fined."

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Fines are expected to be $50 to $100. But if you're caught multiple times you could face a fine of $500.

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Hard To Enforce


Lawmakers admit this law will be hard to enforce, but want to stop many from trying to take advantage of the 10 cent deposit.

“I think getting the word out that this is something we discourage would be a good idea,” Callahan said, according to CT Mirror.

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The bill passed the House and Senate and know goes to Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont's desk to sign.

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