If you need to get rid of an old Christmas tree, don't throw it in the dumpster. It might be quite valuable.

With Christmas just six weeks away (crazy, right?), many Hudson Valley residents are taking inventory of their holiday decorations and deciding whether to upgrade that tree or just get rid of it altogether.

There are lots of reasons to ditch the artificial tree and go for a freshly cut one instead. According to environmentalists, real trees are actually better for the environment. It's also a bit more festive heading into the woods to chop down a tree with the family instead of dragging a musty plastic and metal tree out of the basement.

Some families have opted to get rid of the tree entirely, saying it's become impractical with mischievous pets and children running around. Others are just sick of dealing with the whole ordeal and would rather spend more time relaxing during the holidays.


Where You Can Donate Your Tree to Receive a Reward

If you're ready to part with your tree for whatever reason, Kevin McCurdy wants to take it off of your hands and present you with a handsome reward.

The Holiday Spirit Festival at Bowdoin Park in Wappingers Falls is looking for used artificial trees to put on display. Your unwanted decorations could become a "background tree" for Kevin McCurdy's annual light display.

You can finally ditch your unwanted tree and free up some space in the basement while putting it to good use. Even better, Kevin McCurdy will reward you with two free tickets to the Holiday Spirit Festival so you can come back and visit your old tree once it's added to the display.

The offer is only good for the first 25 people to message the festival on Facebook. All trees must be at least six feet tall to be accepted. Those who donate will be required to drop the trees off on Saturday, November 11 and Saturday, November 18.

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