Deputies say a wild scene at a Red Lobster in New York state unfolded, when a woman began screaming obscenities at staff, and even threatened to have people come and "shoot the place up"

Sources say when the unruly customer was asked to leave, she defiantly pulled her dentures out of her mouth and said she wasn't going anywhere. You can't help but feel for many within the food service industry, who have to deal with matters such as these.

Officials Say New York State Woman Threatened to Shoot Up Red Lobster in Town of Clay

WSTM says the Pennellville, NY woman was arrested Monday. The Onondaga County Sheriff's Office says the suspect was yelling at staff at a Red Lobster that her dog and her belongings had been stolen.

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However, according to a restaurant manager, the belongings the suspect claimed to have been stolen were sitting on a chair right next to her. There is no word from authorities whether or not there was ever a dog involved.

Dmitriy Eremenkov
Dmitriy Eremenkov

Deputies say the 52-year-old woman then set off the restaurant's side door alarm and tried to leave after ordering food. WSTM says the angry customer then pulled her fake teeth out of her mouth when told by staff to leave the area.

Once police were contacted, the now toothless woman screamed at staff, "I'm going to send my people here to shoot you and the place up," according to Red Lobster's manager. WSTM says the woman finally left for a nearby Chili's restaurant, but only after screaming a few more profanities.

Deputies say she was later arrested and charged with making a threat of mass harm, a misdemeanor.

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