Rescues attended to a truck crash Thursday on one of New York's busiest highways, that saw the driver of the tractor-trailer trapped inside. Offcials say due to the unusual position in which the truck crashed, the cab ended up stuck 20 feet into the air, as rescuers arrived.

New York State Crash Statistics 

With so many vehicles on the roads at any given time, crashes are unfortunately far too common across New York. According to Finz & Finz, around 1,000 people are killed in traffic accidents in New York State each year.

Their website says that for the most recent year reported, 371,368 traffic collisions occurred through New York, according to the Traffic Safety Statistical Repository maintained by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Truck Driver Trapt on I-684

The Bedford Hills Fire Department said on their Facebook page that crews were dispatched to an accident with injuries on Interstate 684 early Thursday. New York State Police were also on the scene, reporting the driver trapped in a tractor-trailer approximately 12 feet off of the ground.

Bedford Hills Fire said that the tractor-trailer in the median, which had rolled over in a "jackknife" position, which had the cab approximately 20 feet off the ground.

Due to the position of the cab, the driver was unable to get out of the vehicle. Crews helped stabilize the vehicle, using Paratech struts to stabilize the cab.

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A ground ladder was used to reach the driver and bring him to the ground to be evaluated by EMS. Due to the accident, the truck's saddle tank was also ruptured. as a Westchester unit was called to the scene to pump off additional fuel from the truck.

The scene was then turned over to NYSP so the roadway could re-open for the rush hour commute.

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