Hudson Valley customers were shocked after pulling in for a cup of coffee and finding their favorite shop closed for business.

If your morning routine involves stopping at the same place every morning for coffee and breakfast you can imagine how jarring it would be to find it suddenly closed. That's what happened to hundreds of Dutchess County commuters who were stunned to find their local Dunkin' had shut its doors.

Dunkin' on Route 9 in Dutchess County Closed For Business

On Wednesday the doors were locked and the drive-thru menu boards were shut off at a usually busy Dunkin' on Route 9. A sign on the door explains that the store is completely closed down for an extended period of time.

Hyde Park Dunkin closed
A. Boris

The Dunkin' on Route 9 in Hyde Park near the Stop & Shop is currently undergoing renovations. The extensive work began on Monday, which closed the restaurant's lobby. The entire store, including the drive-thru, closed on Wednesday and is not expected to reopen for three weeks.

In the message posted on its door, the Hyde Park Dunkin' is directing customers to the restaurant's new location across from Marist College at the Chestnut Mobil Station.

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That location just recently opened up and is planning a Grand Opening celebration during the first week of April complete with special deals and a live broadcast of The Boris and Robyn Show on 101.5 WPDH.

Hyde Park Dunkin Closed
A. Boris

It's unclear exactly what type of renovations are being done, but another Dunkin' location on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie is also planning some major upgrades. The store near Taco Bell has applied for permits to change its exterior colors, architecture and even the name on the sign.

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