Spring is that time of year when the skies above put on quite a show. And while we're still over a month away from the Lyrids meteor shower, a rare display of planets will occur that is sure to pique the interest of astronomy buffs in the Hudson Valley. Of course, the thing that gets in the way, especially this time of year in the Northeast, is the weather.

Scientists say this will be the biggest display of planets in 2023. ABC even goes so far as to say the next impressive planetary display of this magnitude will not happen until  September 8, 2040.

Martin Holverda
Martin Holverda

Five Out of the Eight Planets Will be Seen Over the HV

ABC is saying that a planetary alignment of Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Mars will be seen just after sunset. ABC 13 says that five out of the eight planets will be visible in the western sky, and will appear in an "arc shape appearance from just above the horizon to much higher in the sky, near the quarter moon.". 

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Date for the Event

Astronomers say that Tuesday, March 28 will be the best date to see the display, though they'll still be visible a few days before and after the 28th.

ABC says the next alignment will come on April 11 and 24, though it will be smaller in scale.

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Hudson Valley Forecast

As we all know, the Hudson Valley experiences a lot of cloudy days this time of year, and it looks like Tuesday will be no different. According to The Weather Channel, the forecast for the evening of March 28 is for cloudy skies and a chance of showers.

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