People get personalized license plates to set themselves, or their vehicles, apart from other drivers. The unique plates can help serve as a conversation starter, or maybe serve as an inside joke between friends and family.

But some states have certain rules to abide by when choosing your own plate, and some areas ar a little more strict than others. This has brought up the argument of free speech and the 1st amendment in several states through the years, as the ACLU has even sued some states over personalised plates that were not allowed.

The New York DMV clearly states on their website: "No person has a right to a particular personalized plate. Personalized plates are issued by DMV in the sole discretion of the commissioner."

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New York State DMV Restrictions 

New York's DMV has quite a few restrictions when it comes to personalized plates. Everything from what may considered "obscene, profane, vulgar, repulsive, depraved, or lewd", or what may "refer to a sexual or intimate body part", to what may reference "eliminatory or other bodily functions." are also not okay.

Some Of 2023's Rejected Vanity Plates

WGRZ reports that the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles rejected more than 3,000 requests for personalized plates in 2023. This is up from around 1,800 or so rejections just the year before, according to the DMV.

See the FULL LIST at WGRZ. Some of the more notable turned down ideas from 2023 include:

    • BOOTTY
    • A55HOE
    • FAHRT
    • FLASHM3
    • WHOF4RTD
    • WHINEA55
    • 84NGBUS
    • BULL5H1T
    • FHUCK46
    • BOOBE
    • HONK4DIX
    • AL1ENS
    • D1CKTWST
    • TREND1NG
    • ASZMAN69
    • BUCKSK1N

New License Plates Highlight 10 Regions in New York

The DMV has a series of new license plates that highlight the different regions throughout the entire state of New York.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

Some of 2022's Rejected Vanity Plates 

Some of the better ones from over a year ago include those trying to get around the censors; like B1TTCH, PHAKUE, or BNGBUS, BQQBIES seems to be a popular theme? Popular brands like WHTECLAW, METAVRSE, and VELVEETA got shot down.

References to bodily functions like POOPCOOP and POOOOOH are frowned upon too.

FATBASTR was also a no.

New York's New License Plates

New York's newest custom license plates celebrate various regions of New York.

Gallery Credit: New York State DMV

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