Offcials say a snowmobiler traveling on a frozen lake in New York state suffered serious injuries after hitting a crack in the ice and going airborne. However, the rescue to save the 67-year-old man in Hamilton County would not be easy.

The DEC says the crash was brought on by a pressure crack in the ice.

The website of HT Enterprise Inc. says that Ice is like a "living thing", in that it is always expanding and retracting during the cold months. The experts go on to say that if you're riding over ice, "cross at moderate and steady speed – not too fast to cause waves to bounce up onto the hidden ice sheet underneath, but not too slow to bog down either."

Man Goes Flying over 70 Feet After Hitting Ice Crack in Upstate New York 

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says that a group of four snowmobilers were traveling southbound on Indian Lake when the first rider in the group struck a 16-inch high-pressure crack.

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The DEC says that the rider and snowmobile went flying 73 feet in the air before crashing to the ice, rolling end over end, before stopping 250 feet from the crack.

Google Maps
Google Maps

CBS says the accident happened late morning Saturday.

An ice fisherman saw the accident and called 911. However, while responding, a rescue ATV broke through the ice, says the DEC.

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The two first responders self-rescued. Rangers used snowmobiles to bring the first responders to an ambulance at Indian Lake Islands campground and helped package the injured snowmobiler in a rescue toboggan.

The 67-year-old man from Indian Lake was transported four miles across the lake to an ambulance. The man was taken to the hospital with significant injuries, says the DEC.

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