The Hudson Valley made the top 10 according to data from PODS moving and storage company.

Just after I've been saying to people that the Hudson Valley is getting way too crowded, I have an interesting e-mail cross my desk. It's amazing how overcrowded the Hudson Valley has become over the years.

I could remember driving from my place in Poughkeepsie to the local mall for instance, and it taking a mere 10 minutes. That time has at least doubled, if not tripled at times with the amount of traffic we now see in the area.

For many years I could never see myself moving out of the Hudson Valley, or New York in general. Was born and raised here, but I've seen loved ones and friends move out over the years, and I'm not gonna lie, I definitely, especially recently, have wondered what it would be like living outside of the Hudson Valley area, and have thought about making the move.

I've never experienced anything different. A recent trip to Connecticut actually opened my eyes to keeping my options open.

Photo Credit: Shannon Cooke
Photo Credit: Shannon Cooke

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The number of New York City residents moving to the Hudson Valley and Catskills region increased by 124.4 % in the first year of the pandemic, according to estimates from CBRE Group, a real estate investment company. But it seems that while apartment complex after apartment complex continues to be built throughout the Hudson Valley area, a record number of residents are now moving out!

Poughkeepsie at top view

According to PODS, the cost of living continues to be a common denominating factor when it comes to cities experiencing the most move-outs. The data from previous years shows that expensive metro areas have put the squeeze on residents who are fleeing to cities and states with lower overall costs of living.

And the Hudson Valley ranks number 10 (up one from 2023 where it ranked at number 11) on the list of Cities With the Highest Numbers of Move-Out Rates. Here are the top 10 for 2024.

1Los Angeles, CA (1st in 2023)
2Northern California (San Francisco area) (2nd in 2023)
3South Florida (Miami area) (5th in 2023)
4Long Island, NY (Serving parts of NYC) (4th in 2023)
5Austin, TX (Not ranked in 2023)
6Central Jersey, NJ (6th in 2023)
7Chicago, IL (3rd in 2023)
8San Diego, CA (14th in 2023)
9Stockton-Modesto, CA (9th in 2023)
10Hudson Valley, NY (11th in 2023)

Rising rent prices, a housing struggle, high tax rates, and overcrowding are common issues in many of the cities that top this year’s move-out list. California continues to lead the pack with the largest move-out numbers, according to the latest PODS data.

So it looks like the Hudson Valley could finally be seeing a break from the influx of so many people moving into the area.

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In comparison, check out Cities With the Number of Move-In Rates.

1Myrtle Beach, SC/Wilmington, NC (1st in 2023)
2Ocala, FL (4th in 2023)
3Houston, TX (5th in 2023)
4Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (10th in 2023)
5Charlotte, NC (16th in 2023)
6Raleigh, NC (20th in 2023)
7Phoenix, AZ (18th in 2023)
8Knoxville, TN (7th in 2023)
9Jacksonville, FL (8th in 2023)
10Asheville, NC (17th in 2023)

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