Do you live in the Hudson Valley and need help planning a date? We got you covered.

It's easy to make a simple activity romantic in the Hudson Valley. Just look at the views! But, if you need a little bit more direction, we have a couple of easy ideas for you.

Things to Do in the Hudson Valley

If you're the adventurous type, and your date is too, exploring the natural landscape of the area is an easy date idea. Depending on how into laborious explorations you and your date are, there are hiking and trail options for each level.

The Walkway Over the Hudson is an easy and fairly obvious choice. The views are to die for and if the weather is right, you catch a nice breeze along the way. With vendors selling coffee, kettle corn, and more on both sides, this is a cheap, relaxing, and romantic option.

If you're looking for a hike that's a little more original, there are a ton of hidden gem hikes where you can spot some abandoned ruins along the way. Travel down to Cold Spring and you'll find one of my favorite hikes, Bull Hill. Along this hike, you'll see the Cornish Estate ruins which are fun to explore.


Find more files with spooky abandoned ruins here: 6 Hudson Valley Hikes with Abandoned Ruins

Less Active Date Ideas in the Hudson Valley

If this is a first date, you might not want to sweat quite as much as a hike might make you. In that case, a scenic brewery afternoon might be more your speed. The Hudson Valley is chock-full of 'em.

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From Equilibrium Brewery with other BBQ specials to snack on to the rooftop of Zeus Brewing, these are easy crowd-pleasing dates.

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Orrrrrrr, if none of those sound very interesting to you, why not pick a town and explore? Below are 4 already planned out date ideas that include dinner, drinks and something to do in different areas of the Hudson Valley.

Date Night Ideas Around the Hudson Valley

If you're in need of some inspiration, here are some date night ideas around the Hudson Valley.

Gallery Credit: Arianne Rogers

Scenic Dining Spots in the Hudson Valley

There are so many great views in the Hudson Valley as well as great restaurants! It's hard to see everything the Hudson Valley has to offer. Here is a list of 6 great dining spots around the Hudson Valley that also have gorgeous views.

Gallery Credit: Arianne Rogers

Businesses the Hudson Valley Has Welcomed in 2024

Check out some of the great new eateries and watering holes that have come to the Hudson Valley in 2024 so far!

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