A recent discovery brought up a lot of questions about what kind of milk you can purchase in New York.

First, let me start off by saying this is very random....very random. Second, this all started when I was traveling recently, I came across something very different and wanted to see if you can get in the Hudson Valley.

I was visiting my best friend/family in Michigan and one night we realized we were out of extra oil and salt ( a big pain when you are about to start cooking dinner). My best friend and I ran out to a small, local market and saw this huge that perplexed us.

The sign said, "We Sell Camel Milk"


I know there are all types of milk, but neither of us has ever heard of camel milk before. Of course, we've heard of oat milk, soy milk, cashew milk, but really camel milk???

We both stared at the sign for about 5 minutes until one of us guided the other to the door.

History of camel milk in the United States:

Turns out it's a little more common, there are reportedly around 3,000 camels in the United States and there are farms that are dedicated to primarily camels. There are 2 primary camel dairies in the United States and they are Camel Culture in Missouri and Camelot Dairy in  Colorado. Both of these places pasteurize the milk and ship it across the United States.

So...the answer to the question is yes. It is legal if you purchase the camel milk from a place that has had it shipped from one of these farms.

I might pass on camel milk, I'm a cream and sugar kinda girl in my coffee and don't drink a ton of milk in my downtime.

However, if you have tried camel milk and enjoyed it....please let me know what it's like on the station app:

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