Looks like you may be able to book that trip you've been wanting to take to San Juan or Ponce - yes we're talking Puerto Rico. A convenient to the Hudson Valley airport has just announced a major game changer when it comes to flights to PR.

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JetBlue Announces Westchester to Puerto Rico

Nothing against any other airlines, but the last three trips i've taken within the past 18 months or so have been with JetBlue, and their customer service has been on point, their planes are quite comfortable, and who doesn't love Pop Corners as their in-flight snack (just my opinion).

Recently, JetBlue announced that they would be adding flights direct to Puerto Rico from Westchester Airport, which is an incredibly convenient hub for us here in the Hudson Valley.


In a press release dated May 8th, JetBlue announced their 'Puerto Rico Expansion' which included 'new Mint service' to several cities and three new destinations. The airline is cited as the largest in Puerto Rico, though the Mint offerings are a new addition to the Puerto Rico service.

What Is JetBlue Mint Experience?

A premium way to travel, and in somewhat of a suite, yes, a suite on a plane, Mint offers lie-flat seats, elevated dining, large TVs, extra seating and space to 'work, lounge and entertain.'

Though JetBlue has been serving Puerto Rico for more than two decades, they're excited to 'deepen our roots with this expansion' according to Marty St. George, JetBlue's President.

Beginning in July, JetBlue will begin offering the 'Mint experience' on a daily flight between San Juan and JFK airport.

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In October, JetBlue will officially begin servicing Puerto Rico directly from Westchester County Airport which has been both exciting and welcome news to the Hudson Valley who will soon have this reasonably priced and local option for nonstop travel to San Juan, PR.

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