We've discussed before how lucky we are in the Hudson Valley to have access to what seems like a never ending list of incredible restaurants and eateries. From award-winning sandwich shops, to enough pizza options to last you a lifetime, and new offerings being added regularly.

When it comes to this particular food though, in my personal opinion I feel like the Hudson Valley may have been lacking a little bit....until now.

Let's talk about pretzels.

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Hudson Valley Soft Pretzel Options

Let me preface by saying that there are a number of local restaurants, and even chains, that have pretty amazing pretzels, has anyone been to Patsy's in Hopewell and tried their giant pretzel that is served hanging on a hook?


There's always the mall locations like Wetzel's Pretzels and Auntie Anne's (the Poughkeepsie Galleria location just got a nice makeover, too).

From a self-proclaimed pretzel connoisseur (that's me), where we have been lacking in the Hudson Valley is the availability, or lack there of, for traditional Pennsylvania style soft pretzels here in the area.

A few summers back I even visited and toured the oldest pretzel factory in the states, a 19th century Pennsylvania pretzel factory called Julius Sturgis. I mean business when it comes to pretzels.

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Philly Pretzel Factory Opens Hudson Valley Location

Having visited the Philadelphia area a number of times over the past few years, we never left the area without making a few stops at the Philly Pretzel Factory. Their pretzels are close to perfection (again, my opinion). Texture, salt ratio, all of it lines up perfectly.


Well, we now no longer have to travel to Pennsylvania (or New Jersey) to get our Philly Pretzel Factory fill, as a location recently opened in Rockland County.

A couple of friends who live in the New City area decided to team up and open a Hudson Valley based location of the pretzel franchise.

The 98 S. Main Street location officially opened for business last month, and are serving up the traditional offerings and specialties like pretzel dogs and twists, along with dips ranging from specialty flavored mustards to brownie batter, and everything in between.

Thanks for answering our, well, my, pretzel prayers.

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