New York State is not the worst place to have a baby but is definitely the most expensive and there are few reasons why. Should we even be surprised? Almost everything is more expensive in New York.

Having a child is one of the greatest things that one could ever experience. Having a baby is rewarding but it has its own set of challenges. Some states are more difficulty than others especially financially.

According to Wallethub, Massachusetts is the best state to have a baby. Mississippi ranked last. Where did New York rank on the list? We didn't do too bad but there's room for improvement.

New York is the most expensive state to have a child.

The overall results showed that New York State is in the top half of nation for best places to have a baby. New York ranked number 17 on the list. New York ranked 3rd in family friendly states. Once the baby is delivered there are a lot of options available for care. New York Sate scored well with things like parental leave policies, mom support groups, child care centers, and parental programs that are covered by Medicaid.

New York did not score well with the overall cost. The Empire State ranked last when it comes to the cost of having a child. This statistic measured the medical costs of delivering a baby, health insurance for a child as well as the average cost of raising a kid. Child care seems to be one of the most expensive challenges when it comes to raising children.

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