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Read on and you will uncover some amazing pieces of trivia about 22 awesome record-holders in Upstate New York.  Oh, the stories we have uncovered for you.

Of course you will find all the "old regulars" on this list,  You know, the oldest covered bridge, tallest building, oldest winery, etc.  Things like that.  But there are others that will make your eyes pop.

How about the oldest family owned jewelry store?  It is now being run by the 7th-generation of the founding family (Delaware County).  How about the smallest bookstore in Upstate New York (Otsego County).  It is a tiny store, in a tiny village, but has a large history.  Wait till you read what happened in this store!  Wow....

The heaviest snowfall might surprise you, and the oldest school district in New York will definitely surprise you!  One of my favorites is the oldest Ford car dealership in Upstate New York. (Wyoming County)  It has been selling Ford's continually since 1911.  Let me do the math for you; that is just 3 years after Henry Ford started selling his Ford Model T car!  Amazing.

And there are plenty of other to amaze you in this gallery, like the largest striped bass ever caught in Upstate New York, or, one that stands all alone for "weirdness," the oldest and only two-story brick outhouse in New York State (Ontario County).

So read on and discover some really unique and fun items about Upstate New York.  The area never ceases to amaze me with its rich, and sometimes very unusual, history!

Upstate New York Record Holders, Including Oldest Ford Dealer and Smallest Bookstore!

Such a fun list! This gallery shows off some pretty impressive record holders in Upstate New York. The oldest Ford dealer, the smallest bookstore, the oldest jewelry store, the longest surface road, the heaviest snowfall amount, the tallest buiklding, and much more. All great trivia factoids!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

These 11 Upstate New York Fish Hatcheries Are Awesome Places to Visit

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation runs a dozen fish hatcheries in the Empire State. There are other smaller ones, too. These fish hatcheries are totally amazing places to visit. Each of the hatcheries on this list welcomes visitors of all ages (click on the links to find visiting details). For more information on these fantastic places visit the DEC website. Some of those on this list also have videos showing what they do. If you have never visited a fish hatchery before you are in for a treat!!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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