How many remember the penny candy store of our/your youth?  If you are like me the memory of it comes back in an instant.  Today, however, penny candy stores have seemed to be a little more scarce.  But that is not to say you can't find them.  Some are in this gallery of chocolate and candy shops with a focus on Central New York.

There are three stores on this list that specialize in penny candy.  One, for instance, Maxwell's Chocolates and Ice Cream store in Hamilton, is one that I was recently in.  Rows of those candy bars and candy items from my youth certainly live there!  Whether it is "red hot dollars," "candy lipstick," or any of those favorite old box candies that we loved in the movie houses, they all bring back memories.

The shops on this list can be found from the Syracuse area all the way down the I-81 Central New York corridor to Binghamton.  And a coupe stretch east to Oneonta and Cooperstown.  All are excellent.

We know that there are dozens of candy stores in Upstate New York, and in the Central New York Region.  If your favorite did not make the list, please go over to our Facebook page and give it a shout out.  We really want to hear from you!

(Remember to keep it in the Central New York area.  We will feature other specialty candy and chocolate stores from other regions in future galleries.)

It's All About Chocolate At These Wonderful Central New York Candy Shops!

Whether it is Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or any of those other "candy centric holidays (Halloween!), here are several fine chocolate and candy shops all found within the narrow region of Central New York.

There are chocolate shops in the Syracuse area and all the way south to the Binghamton/Johnson City are, and then a quick jog east to Oneonta and Cooperstown. Each has their own little niche to excel in, whether as a supplier of fantastic penny candy from our youth, and artisan chocolates in all kinds of molds.

Each candy store had a link to their business. Check them out and stop in and their bricks and mortar store, or order online (offered by several of these shops). We will look at stores like this in other regions of Upstate New York in upcoming galleries.
If you know of a great chocolate shop or candy store within the confines of Central New York, please give it a shout out over on our Facebook page!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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