Have you ever sat in a restaurant and wondered what's going on inside the mind of your server as they recommend the most expensive dish on the menu? Luckily for you, a new survey has the answer.

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According to Deputy, a surprising 70 percent of servers have endorsed the tastiness of a particular dish without actually sampling it themselves and it has a lot to do with the hope of increasing the bill which will, in most cases, increase the size of their tip.

When it comes to tipping, the survey reveals interesting insights from New York State's waitstaff. Two out of five servers consider a 20 percent tip to be satisfactory, while 11 percent of New York waitstaff believe that a good tip should exceed today's standard 20 percent.

The Deputy survey looked at the relationships between waitstaff, their coworkers, and customers, providing a comprehensive view of the dynamics within New York State's food service sector. By speaking directly to the individuals on the front lines of restaurant service, the researchers were able to uncover a wealth of information about this often underappreciated profession.

One of the standout findings from the survey is the generosity of customers when it comes to tipping. The average reported generous tip among restaurant servers in New York State hovers around $66, with the most exceptional tip reaching an astonishing $1,000.

30 percent of waitstaff told the Deputy that they appreciate it when customers don't linger for a long time after finishing their meal. Servers say that customers who leave within 15 to 20 minutes after clearing their plates are ideal.

Servers also revealed interesting gifts they've received in place of monetary tips. Among the most appreciated non-monetary tips were flowers, chocolates, and gift cards. Among the most unusual non-monetary tips were a finger puppet, a steamer, and a guitar.

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