A group of TikTokers is making the argument that McDonald's is reducing the size of one of its long-running menu items.

Is McDonald's Making Smaller Sandwiches?

Several videos have surfaced on TikTok showing what some believe to be a smaller version of McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwich. TikTok user neilybob says the fish sandwich is the latest item from McDonald's to suffer "shrinkflation."

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"Shrinkflation" is a concept based on companies reducing portion sizes while still charging the same price or more to offset the effects of inflation.

"OK, so it was already small," neilybob says in one video. "The Filet-O-Fish has shrunk by I'd say is 20%."

While the TikToker does admit he thinks he has large hands, he calls the sandwich "comically small."

"That's ridculous."

Several others have jumped onboard with the idea the Filet-O-Fish has gotten smaller with comments calling the sandwich the "Filet-O-Goldfish" and the "McMinnow."

"What have they done to this iconic sandwich?" Paul DeSousa asks in another video.

McDonald's Responds To Filet-O-Fish Controversy

McDonald's isn't staying quiet while fast food enthusiast question the size of its fish sandwich, even going as far as saying the restaurant is only using a half slice of cheese these days.

Business Insider, who has been covering the topic, reached out to McDonald's corporate offices.

"The size and build of the Filet-O-Fish, including the half slice of American cheese, has not changed in decades," Business Insider was told in a statement directly from McDonald's

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This is far from the first time McDonald's and other fast food giants have been accused of misleading customers when it comes to portion sizes.

Reuters reported earlier this year that both McDonald's and Wendy's defeated a lawsuit that claimed their burgers were smaller than what was shown in advertising campaigns.

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