Getting your favorite chicken sandwich just got a whole lot faster.

Chick-fil-A announced that they'll soon be dedicating a drive-thru lane to people with mobile orders. This has got to be the fastest and easiest way to grab some grub around. It's basically like getting a Genie+ pass at Disneyland so you can skip the long lines.

The fast food chain has been testing out this process over the last two years and are finally ready to roll it out.

What is Mobile Thru?

It's a lane dedicated to mobile orders. So customers who place their orders ahead of time through the app will be able to use the lane to get their orders faster without having to go inside. In the app, choose a location, select Mobile Thru, and place your order. Once your at the restaurant, go to the Mobile Thru lane, and use the app to scan a QR code to check-in your order. Pull around to the window, grab your food, and you're on your way. It's that simple. You'll also be able to earn points doing this.

When and Where is Chick-fil-A Mobile Thru Coming?

Mobile Thru will roll out to more than 300 restaurants across the country in 2023, with more added in 2024.

"The Mobile Thru lane will give our guests access to greater speed in the drive-thru, cutting down on ordering and payment time significantly. Providing remarkable service starts with convenience and Mobile Thru is just one way we are continuing to elevate the pickup process for our busy customers." -Julie Ledford, principal program lead on Chick-fil-A’s Service and Hospitality team.

Other fast food chains are making some changes too. McDonalds recently announced that they're eliminating self-serve soft drinks.

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