Storme Warren couldn't say why he was leaving SiriusXM when he left the satellite radio company in May. Now he can.

For 15 years, Warren hosted mornings on the Highway, helping build the country station into a power player at a time when terrestrial radio dominated. Then, quite suddenly, he was gone, with little more than well-wishes from his employer in place of an explanation.

On Thursday (June 15), he was revealed as the primary host of the Big 615, Garth Brooks' new radio station on TuneIn. The channel is one of several Brooks plans to roll out in the coming months, but during a press conference in Nashville, the two men stood together.

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"I'm a fan first, and an ambassador next, and I want to continue that on a global level," Warren said, amplifying the "global" message dominant throughout the event.

"When the world gets smaller, people get closer. And when people get closer, they're nicer. That's what we want country music to do," he added before thanking his new employers.

Warren had been with SiriusXM for nearly two decades. During that time, he also created a GAC television show called Headline Country and hosted numerous events around Nashville, from New Year's Eve celebrations to memorial services.

Macie Banks, Buzz Brainard and Ania Hammar are the three primary hosts remaining on the Highway. Midday host Kellie Pickler also left the channel earlier this year following the death of her husband.

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