Ryan Gosling is set to host Saturday Night Live with musical guest Chris Stapleton this weekend, and it's become clear he is a big fan of the country singer.

In a new promo for Saturday's show (April 13), Gosling anxious waits outside of Stapleton's dressing room, practicing what he's going to say to the "Tennessee Whiskey" singer when he asks for his autograph.

"Mr. Stapleton, big fan. Love your music," the actor starts. "No, that's stupid."

"Yo, Chris, one for the 'gram?" he says, trying again.

"Master Stapleton, 'tis I, Sir Gosling," he says, settling on that choice. "That's cool."

He enters the dressing room, which is dark. Stapleton is nowhere to be found, but his iconic cowboy hat becomes illuminated on the vanity. Gosling slowly approaches the hat as an instrumental version of Stapleton's song "White Horse" plays in the background.

After a few moments of debate, the Barbie actor can't help but pick up the hat and put it on.

He gives the camera a smoldering look before the scene fades to black.

When Is Chris Stapleton on Saturday Night Live?

Stapleton will serve as a musical guest during Season 49 of Saturday Night Live this Saturday, April 13, with Gosling as the episode's host. It's his third time to perform on the show.

The "Starting Over" hitmaker made his SNL debut on Jan. 16, 2016 during Season 41 with host Adam Driver. His second performance came on Jan. 27, 2018 in Season 43 with host Will Ferrell.

The country star first shared he would be on the show on social media back on March 13. He captioned the photo, "I'm just Chris" — a nod to the film Barbie in which Gosling sings a song called "I'm Just Ken."

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