After teasing his next musical chapter with songs like "Jonesin'" and "Forgotten Man", Elvie Shane has formally announced his sophomore studio album, Damascus.

In a statement, Shane says that the project -- consisting of 13 songs, all of which he wrote or co-wrote -- is a continuation of his 2021 breakout debut album, Backslider. But that first record was an almost entirely autobiographical look into his own personal journey; meanwhile, Damascus will showcase not only the singer's own stories, but also the stories he's heard from others who've walked similar paths.

"I feel like I've grown a lot since Backslider," Shane acknowledges. "I've attained just about everything I've ever dreamed of...seen the world and made a living with music. I've been on top and back down in the mud.

"In that travel and experience, I've paid close attention to people more than anything. I've seen a lot of struggle, but in that struggle, I found common ground and inspiration," he continues. "Damascus is a record that aims to pick a fight with what holds people down. Normal every day Blue Collar people. These are not all my stories, but they are all stories I believe to be true."

Damascus is due out in mid-April, but the singer will start sharing his music live a couple of months earlier than that. He's booked for a 10-stop engagement called The Damascus Acoustic Stories Tour, running for the first two weeks of February. Tickets are currently on sale.

The track list of Damascus includes some tracks that seem to reflect the more difficult parts of Shane's working-class Kentucky background. One song is titled "Appalachian Alchemy," while another -- a previously-released track called "Pill" -- digs into the experience of opioid addiction. Back in September, the singer told Taste of Country that that song was written partially as an apology letter to Shane's younger brother for all the years the singer missed out on due to his struggles with substance use.

In that conversation, he also wanted to make clear that his biggest hit -- a dedication to his step-son called "My Boy," the centerpiece of the Backslider album -- might have given fans a little bit too rosy of a picture of Shane's mental health. In reality, he still struggles.

"I'm much more relating to the character in 'Pill' than I do the dad that's got his act together," the singer admits, saying that he "fell back into the same trap" of drug use for a time after Backslider came out. That experience still fresh in the rearview, Shane has fresh perspective on how important it is to him to make music for listeners in the throes of addiction. Jelly Roll -- a country superstar leading the charge for that cause -- inspires him, too.

Damascus includes a couple of duets: One, "First Place," with Little Big Town, and another, "Jonesin'," with his band mate, Alabama-based singer-songwriter Jenna McClelland. The album is due for release on Apr. 19.

Elvie Shane, Damascus Track List:

1. "Outside Dog" (Elvie Shane, Oscar Charles, Jonathan Sherwood)
2. "What Do I Know" (Elvie Shane, Oscar Charles, Dan Couch, Jonathan Sherwood)
3. "Jonesin’" (Elvie Shane, Oscar Charles, Ryan Tyndell, Jeremy Spillman)
4. "Baptized" (Elvie Shane, Luke Preston, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles)
5. "Forgotten Man" (Elvie Shane, Luke Preston, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles)
6. "Pill" (Elvie Shane, Lee Starr, Nick Columbia)
7. "215634" (Elvie Shane, Adam Wood, Ben Chapman)
8. "Appalachian Alchemy" (Elvie Shane, Luke Preston)
9. "First Place" (feat. Little Big Town) (Elvie Shane, Adam Wood, Dan Couch, Jakob Miller)
10. "Winning Horse" Elvie Shane, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles)
11. "Fan On High" (Elvie Shane, Driver Williams, Hayes Carll)
12. "Chicken Shit" (Elvie Shane, Jeremy Spillman, Ryan Tyndell, Oscar Charles)
13. "Does Heaven Have A Creek" (Elvie Shane)

Elvie Shane, The Damascus Acoustic Stories Tour Dates:

Feb. 1 -- Louisville, Ky. @ Mercury Ballroom
Feb. 2 -- Lexington, Ky. @ The Bur
Feb. 3 -- Indianapolis, Ind. @ The Hi-Fi Indy
Feb. 8 -- Chicago, Ill. @ Carol's Pub
Feb. 9 -- Cincinnati, Ohio @ The Ludlow Garage
Feb. 10 -- Columbus, Ohio @ A&R Music Bar
Feb. 13 -- Knoxville, Tenn. @ Open Chord Stage
Feb. 14 -- Decatur, Ga. @ Eddie's Attic
Feb. 15 -- Greenville, S.C. @ Radio Room
Feb. 17 -- Somerset, Ky. @ The Virginia

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