A new text scam is targeting New York area drivers. If you drive in the New York City area, you may be the target of a new scheme to steal your hard-earned money.

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The scam is targeting New York City area drivers who may also drive into New Jersey. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority has issued a warning regarding the scam, which is designed to fraudulently obtain credit card or banking information from drivers. If you receive a message that claims to be from “NJ Turnpike toll services,” fraudsters may be targeting you. The text message will direct you to click a link. The link will take you to a website claiming that you have an outstanding toll balance. You will be required to pay the toll balance immediately in order to avoid a late fee.

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Drivers are warned that NJ Turnpike toll services "is not associated with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority or any other toll agency in the New Jersey E-ZPass Group." The balances are not real, they are rouses to obtain your banking or credit card information. If you receive one of the text messages, you should delete it without clicking on the link. If you believe you've been a victim and already provided your financial information you should contact your bank or credit card company as soon as possible. The scam was first recorded to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority on Thursday, April 11th. The scam is targeting phone numbers with New Jersey area codes, regardless of whether the drivers are E-ZPass account holders.

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If you have been targeted, you can file a report with the Federal Trade Commission at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.

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