The National Football League is a way of life for many sports fans now. Its head and shoulders the most popular sport in the United States. The league rakes in money at this point and make it off game tickets, merchandise, advertisers and many other ways of revenue.

The Buffalo Bills are equally a way of life for fans in Western New York. Every Sunday during the fall is like a holiday...unless the Bills are playing on a Thursday or Monday night that week, which is entirely possible these days. There's also the occasional Saturday game in December, when the college football regular season ends.

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The only three days of the week the Bills or any other NFL team never play? Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. However, that could be changing soon.

Despite many players and fans hating Thursday Night Football, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is predicting in the next 5-10 years, the NFL will be regularly scheduling games on Tuesday and Wednesday.

He also predicts the league will find a way around the provision in the Sports Broadcasting Act, which prevents the NFL from playing on Friday and Saturday during the high school and college football season.

It seems crazy to play NFL games on Tuesday and Wednesday. College football does it sometimes, especially with MAC games, but thee NFLPA will likely fight ever doing this. The owners pay the checks and may want it inside the next collective bargaining agreement, but it for sure won't be an easy sell to players and fans.

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