My wife, like most women I know, loves to shop.  My almost 11-month-old daughter loves to shop. I won't lie, I like to shop sometimes too.

We went shopping over the weekend a few times for both things that we needed and stuff we wanted. Wife got clothes, baby got clothes and toys and I got, well, the bill.

If you mention shopping to my wife, she will be showered, dressed and ready almost as fast as when she was going to see Luke Bryan.

Today, I've lost her. She's here but I won't see her until tomorrow because it's Amazon Prime Day. Amazon deals with free shipping all day.

I have already been told that we are getting a Firestick, a printer, some more baby toys, a throw rug for the living room (we already have 2), new patio furniture cushions and something for the motorcycle.

I have about $50 cash on me and I'm hiding it for when we need something, like coffee. Although, we did just get paid so I'm sure she'll order THAT from Amazon today too.

Enjoy shopping. Have fun. Love life.

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