It may be spring but you you shouldn't rush out to the garden quite yet. It seems as soon as the weather turns and the days start getting warmer we are all tempted to head to the yard and start gardening. In New York it is a good idea to wait just a few weeks longer. I actually found a great guide you can use courtesy of the Urban Farmer.

If you are really set to get out there this weekend the one thing that I know you can do is rake and clean up the yard. At my house there are branches down from the winter winds and snow. And the yard could definitely use a raking. Especially because I can see dead grass and patches of snow mold.

I never knew how important it was to rake the yard after the winter weather. Then I had a friend who's yard always looked so great in the spring tell me that the secret was raking the yard when the snow melted. Clearing out the dead grass from underneath and the ridding the yard of the dreaded snow mold help the new lawn grow better later in the spring. So now every spring it is the thing I do first when I am itching to get out in the yard after a long winter inside.

This Growing Wisdom video really breaks it down. Happy Raking.


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