The short answer is YES and with all of the storms we have had here in the Hudson Valley the last few days, you may want to make sure you don't do it.

According to WESH, it's highly possible that lightning can still shock you if it strikes your house and sends electricity through the pipes and water in your home.

A lightning safety specialist for the National Weather Service, John Jensenius says that in order to stay safe in your home during a storm, you need to stay away from anything that conducts electricity, which includes both wires and the plumbing. He also said that “Certainly showers would be dangerous. It would be dangerous to be washing your hands or washing dishes, just avoid those any time you can hear thunder.”

A lot of the danger could also come from how your house is grounded and if it's not done properly it could affect how badly a lightning strike could affect your plumbing.

If you would like to find out if your home’s electrical system is grounded to the plumbing system or not, contact an electrician.

Be safe!

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