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Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, we turn the show over to a fellow Wolf listener who is dealing with an issue or problem in their life that they are looking to get some advice on. Every week it's something different and this week our email takes us into the woman's bathroom at the mall.

Karen (not really her name but the name she called herself) wrote us, "I was at the Danbury Mall last weekend and had an uncomfortable situation happen the bathroom. I’m waiting in line and there’s a woman behind me waiting. We finally get in together and she brings along her son. He had to be at least 10 years old and he just stood outside of the stall while I went in and did my thing. They were talking back and forth the whole time I was in the stall. It was so uncomfortable. I wanted to say something but stopped myself. 10 is too old, isn’t it? Should I have said something? I mean use the family bathroom!!!"

First, let's commend the lady who sent us the email for NOT saying anything! Well done!! Second, I think just about everyone who's called or texted us today agreed that everyone situation is different and we don't really know the whole story, so I think if this every happens to any of us in the future, just take care of your business and get on with your day.

What do you guys think? Call or text us through the Wolf app. If you ever have an issue you want us to bring up on the air, you can email us at CJ@HUDSONVALLEYCOUNTRY.COM

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