Before we answer that question let's chat about the flip flop for a moment. So from what I have read on the internet (Wikipedia) Flip Flops can be traced back to about 1500 BC. That is a long time and why not they are the perfect shoe unless you live in snow 24/7. Even then they are perfect for around the house. I have mine on right now. And yes, apparently they get there name from the sound they make when you walk around in them.

I also want to chime in on flip flops in the office. Forget that the slapping sound of your co-workers walking down the hallways all day could drive you nuts, it also boarders on TMI. Who wants to see everyone's toes. Some of us have flip flop feet and some of us don't and we all know where we fall on that scale.

Full disclosure: I buy a pair of these every summer in Cape Cod they are my Favorite.

So can you drive in flip flops? Maybe. Below is the answer I found.

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