I am sure you have seen the multitude of videos online where it appears a dog is actually speaking the human language. Some of them are hilarious. I actually believe that my dog can talk. Does she say "I Love You" like the dog in the viral video below?

The answer is No. However, my dog and I do have a language we understand. It is part bark and part me talking to her. A lot of it is non-verbal. I find that I am constantly talking to my dog. I also find that my dog patiently listens. Now she may listen because she knows if she sits there long enough she will get a cookie. But I like to think it is because she cares about my day. Yes, I am the person who comes home and asks my dog about her day and then tells her about mine.

So I think that dogs and people can talk to each other but don't take it from me. Instead checkout David Bellos an award winning translator and language specialists. He may have a round about way of saying it but I took away that he does think dogs talk, we just can"t be sure until someone can translate.

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