Summer is in full force right now and Slushies, Icee's or whatever the name, always seem to make a quick, nice, refreshing treat on a hot day.

July 11th is National Slushie Day but my wife and I were out today and she decided it was to hot and she needed a quick, tasty cool down.

It doesn't matter what Ice Cream place we visit, Penny Lick, Ice Cream Shack or any of the great Ice Cream shops in the Hudson Valley, my wife will always get a slushie.

Today was no exception as we stopped by Ron's Ice Cream to grab a cone for me and the baby and a cone and slushie for my wife.

As if the first brain freeze wasn't enough, she continued to torture herself with what she called 'the worst pain ever' for the next 20 minutes.

It's that pain that makes you think that slamming your head off of a brick would hurt less.  Pounding it into your fist, pounding your fist into your head, squeezing anything close, just to stop the pain.  It's that blinding, feels like your brain is going to explode thru your eyes kind of pain.

People say that there are ways to stop or help minimize this but I'm not sure if it works.  Putting you thumb on the roof of your mouth or touching the roof of your mouth with your tongue.  If you ask my wife, it didn't work.

We have all experienced this pain and yet we continue to drink it, most likely torturing ourselves with a pain that makes you want to die......yet we go right back to it.

I guess we never really do grow up.  My 10 month old is always going back to touch whatever we say 'don't touch' to, so I guess she comes by it honest.

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