In a chilling detail, a New York State Investigator publicly described Angelika Graswald’s alleged murder confession.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office alleged that the Poughkeepsie woman pulled the plug in 46-year-old Vincent Viafore’s kayak, allowing it to fill up with water. She also allegedly moved the Poughkeepsie man’s paddle away from him as he was drowning in the 46-degree Hudson River on April 19, 2015.

Officials believe Graswald’s motive was that she would receive $250,000 as the main recipient in Viafore’s life insurance policies.

Investigator Don DeQuarto testified during a pretrial hearing in Orange County Court Monday. DeQuarto revealed details of the 45-minute conversation he had with Graswald near the Hudson River.

DeQuarto said the Poughkeepsie woman revealed to him that she removed the plug from her fiancé’s kayak.

"I wanted to be free, I wanted him gone, I wanted to be myself," Donald DeQuarto testified, according to People.

He added that when Vincent Viafore capsized, and was holding onto his kayak and a dry bag, he begged her to call 911. She refused and took his paddle away from him, reports the New York Times.

DeQuarto also testified that Graswald told him that Viafore's postponement of their wedding and desire to have threesomes made her "feel trapped."

Monday’s testimony was the fourth day of a pretrial hearing review the manner in which the police obtained statements from Graswald.

Graswald’s attorney, Richard Portale, is hoping to overturn an 11-hour interrogation video, which features the alleged confession.

While being questioned by Portale, DeQuarto admitted he didn’t take notes or record his conversation with Graswald adding he didn’t write down his memories of the conversation until 15 hours after the alleged confession.

DeQuarto also revealed he never told Graswald she had a right to remain silent or have an attorney.

Graswald has pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

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