The yellow LIVESTRONG bracelets meet COVID vaccinations.

As many of us have taken advantage of the COVID vaccine now being available almost everywhere, one company has introduced a wearable bracelet that will store your vaccination records on it to prove that you're fully vaccinated.

The brand new bracelet is called Immunaband, which will run you around $20, is something that is hoping to make it easier for people to prove they're vaccinated. The bracelet will store users vaccine records on it so that people won't have to carry their vaccine cards with them everywhere they go according to News 10.

Here is how it works, once a customer purchases the bracelet, they will need to send in a copy of their vaccine card to the company. Once received, the company then loads the records on to its encrypted website and after its loaded the company sends the loaded bracelet to the customer with a QR code on it.

Users then wear the bracelet when and wherever they would need to prove they're vaccinated. If someone needs to verify the wearer’s vaccine records, they simply use their cell phone camera and take a picture of the QR code and they'll be able to see the record.

The bracelet has been developed by Dr. Toshof Bernton who told News 10 that the reason for the idea is simple, "“If we had something where you can say, Hey, I support the vaccine effort, I’ve been vaccinated, I’m safe to be around, then that would help us as we start to open back up."

Dr. Bernton says he sold his first bracelet about three weeks ago, and since then he's sold thousands of them, with one customer reporting that they used their new bracelet to get into a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. Dr. Bernton said the fan was allowed in with the bracelet after an employee at the gate pulled up the website through the QR code. Get more information and check availability on the ImunnaBand here.

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