I'm not one of those people that complain about it being to hot.  I'm actually one of those people that complain about it being cold, even when it's really not that cold.  I will admit it, anything under 60 is to cold for me.

I was dreading fall because the unavoidable colder weather was coming but I wish it would have been cold for at least an hour a month ago.  Granted, it would have had to be the hour that I was in the car because I would have needed to use my heat and I would have discovered something very important.

Today, yes today, I found out that my head doesn't work in my car.  I never really had to use it all summer and up until today, never really used it either.

I mean, I used it but never turned it up.  Just on.  Today, I got in my car and it was 34 degrees out so I turned the heat on, turned up the temperature and NOTHING.

No AC is way easier to deal with than no heat.

I hate the cold...in case I hadn't said that before.


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