I have been waiting to write this because I had to come to terms with what happened.

I think I have finally had a real ghost encounter. It happened at one of the most unlikely places, the bar.

Over the weekend I went out with one of my friends to The Vault in Beacon. I had been there before for drinks, but never for dinner. Naturally I ended up sitting at the bar anyway.

My friend had to go outside to take a phone call so I was alone at the bar enjoying an adult beverage. After five or so minutes I hear and feel someone come up behind me and say "Hey."

I turn around thinking it was my friend, because it sounded like her. However, there was no one there. Mind you the restaurant isn't too packed and not very loud (it was Saturday, during the snow storm).

I brush it off, because it really could be anything.

One of the waiters comes up to the bar and I overhear him say to the bartender "I think that ghost is here tonight. I hear her calling peoples names."


My ears perk up.

I had to say something. So I ask "Are you just kidding around or is this a real thing?"

Both the waitress and bartender agree that there is a spirit that will say peoples names around the bar, usually at night. The bartender added that she doesn't like being there late at night for that reason.

Overall the ghost seems pretty friendly. Maybe she saw that I was drinking alone and wanted to join.

Don't let the ghost story spook you, the food and beer options are fantastic in a really cool environment. The Vault used to be an old bank and they still have the vault bank set up, obviously.

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