So like a giant child who can't wait to open presents on Christmas morning, I did something impulsive this weekend. I carved a pumpkin 51 days before Halloween. So how did this premature pumpkin carving occur? Trust me when I tell you there was no premeditated plan. A simple trip to Tops in New Paltz caused this event. Here's how it went down.

We had gone out for a cocktail and an appetizer after a long day working around the house. The plan was to hang out for an hour or so then stop by the grocery to grab burgers for dinner. We enjoyed a plate of wings and I had my new favorite fall cocktail, an Indian Summer Margarita at the Gilded Otter. After about an hour we head out to Tops.

When we arrived at the store much to my over grown inner child's delight we discovered that they had put out pumpkins and candy corn. They were right there on your way in the store. They was impossible to miss. I think that is the point, but that is not the point to this story. So, my first reaction was, hey look pumpkins. The next reaction was you can't get a pumpkin Halloween is still weeks away. Then my next thought was why not? Why can't I get a pumpkin? They are selling them, right? They can't expect these things to sitting around until October 31st.

And there you have it. Candy Corn went in the cart. Carmel topping and ice cream was purchased for dessert. And one big pretty pumpkin rounded out the shopping list. So, yes I have a carved pumpkin on September 9th. Just think of me as the person who never takes down their Christmas lights or who put their tree up on Thanksgiving.

BTW's my favorite comment about this to date is "You know that pumpkin won't last until Halloween? You'll have to buy another one." Duh! I know. I might actually buy one every weekend until Halloween.

Here is a photo of September 10th I'll let you know how long Mr September lasts.

Photo by PQ
Photo by PQ

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