All operations have ceased at the Zipline Adventures in Hunter Mountain, leaving customers with reservations and gift cards completely out of luck.

On Thursday, New York Zipline Adventures at Hunter Mountain posted a brief statement on its Facebook page announcing that it was no longer open and explained the heartbreaking reason it needed to shut down.

The news came as a shock to many outdoor enthusiasts who were already making plans to zipline this summer. NY Zipline Adventures was one of the most popular zipline operations in the country and included "North America’s longest, highest and fastest" zipline. The unique experience would send adventurers on a 3,200-foot-long zipline that soared 600 feet above the Hudson Valley at speeds of 50 miles per hour.


According to New York Zipline Adventures, the reason they are shutting down is due to the high cost of insurance.

Our insurance costs have made it impossible to operate the attraction. We value and appreciate the support Hunter Mountain has offered us during this difficult time.

Customers have taken to social media to express their sadness at the news. Some have also expressed frustration about the news being announced only after the business had already closed, not affording them the opportunity to use gift certificates.


Just a few weeks ago, New York Zipline Adventures was actively searching for employees ahead of the 2023 season which officially kicked off on April 21. It's unclear when the company's insurance costs became a concern.

Some customers insist that they would be happy to pay more to offset the insurance increases, proclaiming that the zipline experience at Hunter Mountain is worth the cost. The company charged $99 for the Mid-Mountain Tour featuring six different ziplines, with one spanning 650 feet. The 3-hour Skyrider tour which includes the tallest, fastest and longest run in North America cost $149.

The company's website is still operational, but reservations have been turned off.

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