For the next few days, sunsets across the Hudson Valley will be intense and apocalyptic-like due to unfortunate circumstances out west.

We've been having some fantastic weather in the Hudson Valley the last few days. It's welcomed after all the rain and flooding we've had thanks to Hurricane Ida and other wet weather that doused the area.

This week, however, we're going to be seeing some cloud coverage which in turn will lead to some beautiful sunsets. NBC New York reports:

As far as that wildfire smoke billowing east, it's becoming an unfortunate new feature of New York City's summer weather, adding to the haze here and taking air quality to dangerous levels not seen in years. This round of haze won't be as thick as it has been in previous weeks and will start to thin out through Monday.

A map from AirNow.Gov shows that most of New York State will be affected by the wildfire smoke from California. As for California, according to The Hill, there were 3 new wildfires throughout the state: The Aruba Fire, The Bridge Fire, and The Lawrence fire (which is the smallest of the 3, burning 40 acres of land).

It wasn't too long ago that the Hudson Valley saw these smoky skies. This past July wildfires in California, Oregon, and Canada pushed wildfire smoke to the region. The Hudson Valley lit up during sunrise and sunset for almost a week bringing deep red, pink, and orange skies.

Air quality levels currently look good for the Hudson Valley, but get a little iff the further south you travel. You can get a full air quality report from AirNow.Gov.

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