Grab the kids and some friends and head outside this Saturday. The weather should be pretty decent and playing outdoor this weekend would mean that you are participating in a Nation Day. The First Saturday of every month is National Play Outside Day.

When I say they have a day for everything I am not joking. If you have never followed the Nationals Days Calendar I invite you to check it out. You could find yourself looking up all kinds of dates just like me to see what crazy day will be celebrated tomorrow.

Playing outside and celebrating I am all for every weekend, but lets face it sometimes our lives run away with us so we have to start somewhere and the first Saturday of the month works for me. The idea is to have kids and adults put down the screen and get outdoors.

Besides all the benefits to being outdoors like fresh air and sunshine National Play Outside Day also results in us doing some just as important as exercise and that is out down our devices. As Americans we spend way to must time on phones and computers. You might think you can't do it but I promise you that you can and it will e worth it.

If you aren't sure what to do outside let me make a few suggestions. You could hike in a Hudson Valley Park. You could rake leaves for you and your neighbors. You could just sit in your lawn chair a read a real book. You could also go exploring somewhere in The Hudson Valley where you've never been. No matter what you decide to do just remember you can celebrate this National Every month and that is a good thing.

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