The Hudson Valley is both beauty and brains. 9 Hudson Valley towns ranked within the top 50 most-educated towns in New York State.

New York Upstate took information from the US census to compile their list of the 50 most-educated towns in upstate New York. Just as a note, only towns with a population of 4,000 people or more were considered in this list.

The first one to pop up on the list, at number 37 was Orange Lake, in Orange County. After that, we see Lake Carmel come in at 34, which is in Putnam County. The list jumps to 29 for Beacon of Dutchess County. Carmel Hamlet in Putnam County pulls 21 as their ranking. Monroe in Orange County comes in at 17, and Mahopac is ranked as the 15th most-educated in New York. Myers Corners, in Dutchess County, was listed at number 13.

The highest ranked Hudson Valley town, for most-educated, was...*drum roll*...Woodbury Village in Orange County at number 12!

I have to say, as an Orange County native, I am thrilled to see Orange County come out on top. But to have 9 Hudson Valley towns make the list is awesome.

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