Safety is an important issue when picking the town to potentially settle down in. You could be in a relatively safe location on your own street, though a few blocks over could be a crime-ridden spot where you don't want to be caught late at night. Maybe you think about getting away to a smaller town, far from the big city and all the problems? But sometimes small towns have crime problems too. So what are some of the safest towns to live in across the country where crime isn't a problem? According to a new study, one of those towns is here in the Hudson Valley.

A service called MoneyGeek recently analyzed FBI crime data of America's smaller towns and cities, with a population is between 30,000 and 100,000. Violent crimes often result in higher costs to the victims and to the judicial system, so the cost to each area was calculated using the numbers. This is how they came up with the financial cost of crime. You might want to avoid places like Petersburg, Virginia, according to their numbers.

Which Town from the Hudson Valley Made the List?

But if you're looking for safety, you may not have to go far. MoneyGeek says that the Town of Carmel in Putnam County is actually the third safest in the entire country, only behind Buffalo Grove, Illinois. The cost of crime in Carmel is only $35 per capita, according to the data. Yorktown was 9th safest overall. Long Beach, New York was 7th.

There are many studies like this released every year. Recently, CCTV Camera World, used FBI data as well to come up with their own list of safest towns in the country. Their numbers indicated that places like Coxsackie, Durham, Pine Plains, and Chatham were the best bet for low crime rates. Northport, in Suffolk County, came in 2nd overall according to their data.

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25 Hudson Valley Locations Featured in Movies

The Hudson Valley, or the new Hollywood? The Hudson Valley has been featured in many movies over the years, and it's not stopping. From recent hits like A Quiet Place (2018) to modern- classic films like The Departed (2006), The Hudson Valley has been a low-key hot spot for locations. Due to tax incentives, beautiful locations, and the growth of independent filmmaking, the Hudson Valley will continue to thrive as a valuable destination for filmmakers.

So, we compiled a list of 25 Hudson Valley locations featured in film. This list includes blockbuster hits and independent films too. We hope you enjoy reading through, and learn more about The Hudson Valley and film!

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