It's easy to be a Luke Bryan fan. He's probably one of the most loveable guys not just in country music, but in the whole entertainment industry.

Now just imagine you're a teenager who has been trying for years to meet Luke, going to concerts throughout New York and coming so close to meeting him, but never actually getting the chance. And then... your phone rings and Luke Bryan's face is on your screen.

That's exactly what happened to Westchester County teen Doreen Cirillo.

When Doreen was 13, her cousins were listening to Luke and Doreen tells us "right away when I heard one of Luke’s songs playing, I knew I was a Luke Bryan fan."

Like most of us, Doreen has been trying for years to actually meet Luke in person. She said "it is definitely on my bucket list! I’ve entered so many contests to win a meet and greet with him but never had luck until now."

Cirillo explained that she saw a contest Luke had posted about on Facebook where he teamed up with the American Red Cross. So of course, being the fangirl that she is, Doreen donated $10 and was in the running to get a phone call with Luke.

And she won!

On Wednesday, August 26th, Dorren got the chance to talk to Luke. She chatted him up about all the shows she's been to (MSG, SPAC, Scranton PA and Hammerstein Ballroom), and shared her hopes that "Down to One" would be his next single.

Luke gave Doreen the inside scoop and said "Down to One" will probably be his next release.

We asked how Doreen was feeling after her chat she says she's still "100% still fangirling!!! Now that I actually got to speak with him I am an even bigger fan of his. He is truly a great person and loves to put smiles on his fans' faces."

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