I doughnut care what anyone says, local Tide Pod doughnuts could be my favorite thing ever. The latest Tide Pod craze is going straight to your sweet tooth. Find out where you can take the Tide Pod doughnut challenge right here in the Hudson Valley.

By now you've most likely heard of the dangerous Tide Pod challenge sweeping the nation. I'll never advise you to eat laundry detergent. However, if you can do an alternative that won't poison you, I say go for it.

First, it was Tide Pod pizza now we have a doughnut inspired by the latest craze. The Kingston Candy Bar on Wall Street has this unique doughnut available for a limited time! How many can you eat?

The doughnut consists of a vanilla bean glaze swirled with colors to make it resemble Tide detergent. They even have a vegan-friendly option too.

If you're in the Kingston area be sure to try this deliciously fried pod.

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