Do we have any police departments in the Hudson Valley that are willing to take the Lip Sync Challenge?

If you are on social media at all the odds are that you have come across some great videos from police departments across the country that are taking part in something called the lip sync challenge and we want in on the fun.

Are you a member of one of our local police departments? Do you know someone who is? If you answered yes, can you do us a huge favor?

Ask them to get some of their co-workers together and do a lip sync video. We have to have one police department here in the Valley that wants to take part in this.

We are officially issuing a challenge to any local PD's to send us a video of them taking part in the challenge. They can do any song they want and if we get any videos, Jess and I will come by with lunch or something to the first department to get us their video.

They can send the video to us either on Facebook or by emailing us at or

Here is the one video that Jess was talking about on the show today.....

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