Don't let this warm trend fool you, the Hudson Valley is still definitely in winter. While the groundhog Friday will determine just how much we have left, we're going to get a dose of winter weather tomorrow and Friday.

According to, we're about to go through two separate snow systems this week. Monday night into Tuesday will be no more than a dusting of snow, up to 1-inch of snow max. But that's still enough to cause slick road conditions. According to Lohud, most of the snow will come before 5 a.m. Tuesday.

Accuweather reports that the temperatures will also drop this week, putting the Hudson Valley back into a deep freeze. We're lucky if temperatures are above freezing this week.

Friday is when the Hudson Valley will see more snow this week. reports that the snowstorm will sweep up from Philadelphia to Maine. Meaning that yes, it will pass through the Hudson Valley region in New York.

The Farmer's Almanac is even predicting a nor'easter for Super Bowl Sunday.

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