I ain't afraid of no ghost!

That's a lie. I'm actually terrified of seeing ghosts. Which is strange because I'm super interested in the paranormal. Anyway, in honor of Ghostbusters being released today I'm feeling in a ghoulish mood.

I always enjoy looking up the most haunted spots around the Hudson Valley. And I would love to investigated but like I mentioned before, I'm terrified and I'm pretty sure most of these spots would be considered trespassing.

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Visit Vortex Hudson Valley put together a great list of the most haunted spots in the Hudson Valley. Some of them I've heard of and have visited (during the day, because I'm a chicken) and others I had no clue were considered haunted.

Historic Huguenot Street- New Paltz.
According to the site, The Abraham Hasbrouck house is one of the more haunted spots on the land. There are stories of an tall man, wearing a long dark coat, and you know...holding an ax. But he's got his ghost dog with him so that's a bit comforting. Not comforting? This ax man is usually seen hovering over those asleep.

Shanley Hotel- Napanoch
Not to be confused with the Stanley Hotel which inspired Steven Kings "The Shining" , the Shanley Hotel is located on Main Street in Napanoch. Doors have been seen swinging open and closed, jewelry has been seen being taken from guests and chairs rocking back and forth. There has also been recorded evidence and apparently everyone from Paranormal teams to psychics have left with some sort of evidence of the Shanley Hotel haunts.

Rondout Lighthouse- Kingston
As a kid, I went on numerous field trips to the Rondout Lighthouse. Even now I'm there at least once a year when we pass by on the Wolf Harvest Cruise. And I'm only finding out now that it's haunted? What gives? The legend here even has a name! "Widows Watch." The women lost her husband in a boating accident the night of her wedding and walks the lighthouse in hopes of finding her spouse. (September 30th-October 30th Haunted Lighthouse tours are open to the public $25 for adults and $20 for children under 12. The money collected goes to the Lighthouse Restoration Project)

Have you ever been to one of these haunted Hudson Valley locations? Did you find any evidence?! Send me your ghostly proof.

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