Why would anyone need to just rent coffin? I had to dig deeper. See what I did there?

Anyone on Facebook Marketplace is looking for a deal. It's never too early to get prepared for the big sleep but who wants to pay top dollar for something you're never going to get to enjoy?

I sadly spend a lot of time just aimlessly scrolling on social media. One thing in particular I like is hunting for cool stuff on my local Facebook Marketplace. You can find some pretty amazing stuff on there. I usually hunt for things like comic books and other cool collectibles. However, I have found some pretty bizarre things as well. I once even saw a 'gently used' stripper pole for sale on Facebook. You never know what kind of crazy things your neighbors are trying to get rid of.

I about died when I saw listing recently. No pun intended of course.

I saw a local listing that was selling 4 extremely nice coffins for sale, for trade or for rent.

I had the same question you probably do. I have heard that funerals can be expensive but why the heck would anyone need to rent a coffin?

My original thought was maybe when you die you just rent it for the service. Everything will look nice for the viewing then when everyone leaves they'll just throw you in the trash. I had to reach out to the person who listed them for more information. I had definitely been overthinking it.

The owner said people rent them and use them as Halloween decorations.

Well, if you need an affordable coffin... you're welcome.


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